Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Without Me You Got It All...

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear... My cute new dolly dress from LOVE!

By far my favourite dress brand is LOVE! This is my newest addition-White Dolly Dress! Normally I'm not one for cute girly dresses but its got a sweet vintage look about it! Plus I can always rock it with a leather jacket! This is my favourite new photo location just round the corner from my office! Love the cobble stones! Shoes are boohoo.com as before!

Sophie xxx

Monday, 24 October 2011

I have loved you for a thousand years...

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear... My new leather shorts and rust knit!

Happy Monday!! Or not so happy Monday ! Back to work and my first outfit of the week is abit shabby chic! My hair looks awful so a hat is definitely needed here! From New Look £15 i think... love the feather detail! My new H&M leather look shorts i brought yesterday in Romford Essex and they were a bargain £14.99! Couldn't resist! Teamed with my LOVE Rust Jumper... Its really old and brought it as a press sample from work for like £5! Amazing!


Sophie xxx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Let Me Sign...

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear... My Leopard Maxi Skirt with a rebellious attitude!

So here we are again its Friday yay! End of my working week and today I was feeling rebellious so leopard maxi skirt from the Jessica Wright collection at www.inlovewithfashion.com! Teamed with one of my fave tee's from Urban Outfitters that says little black dress! Always want to be careful with leopard print as would rather make it look cool than glam hence the casual tee! Going out in east London tonight for my boss's bday drinkies so gota look east london cool! Leather jacket (from Miss Selfridge as before) H&M boots are fab as they have a small heel completely wearable at work for the day and cool enough to rock on a night out! Then red lips!

Sophie xxx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm Already There...

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear... My Embroided Primark Dress and a Tear for Westlife!

I'm in mourning today hence the black! Westlife splitting up really isnt easy on me after 14 dedicated years!!! Boo hoo! But anyway my gorgeous Primark dress was a bargain £17 and is also a dead ringer for a Kate Moss Topshop dress from her first collection! Had to snap this up! Teamed with a big chunky fringed waistcoat trying to achieve a winter boho chic look! Its from inlovewithfashion.com! Black tights as usual with my tan wedge boots from boohoo.com! Only £30 bargain!

Sophie xxx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

There's a possibility...

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear- My snake skin wrap and mulberry lips!

With my style I tend to flutter between London chic and abit boho! Today is definitely a London PR girl look! Snake Skin Wrap dress from www.inlovewithfashion.com! Complete with a bun and my favourite new Barry M Lipstick in Mulberry! Drinks after work tonight in central London hence the more sophisticated look! Flats off and heeled boots on later!

Sophie xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Have I found you, flightless bird

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear... Feather Print, Chunky Fringed Cardy and Red Lips

So I'm the biggest joke with my friends when it comes to my autumnal fashion sense... whatever season it is I look autumnal! So today's look is my fave new dress from www.inlovewithfashion.com- I love feather prints! Teamed with my chunky fringed knit as yep its a wee bit chilly today! Also from www.inlovewithfashion.com! Red lips... just because ;)

Sophie xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Winter Just Was't My Season

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear... My Vintage Dress and Tasseled Waistcoat!

Happy Monday Lovelies! So this week starts off with a laid back Monday look! Now I have my longer hair I feel I can rock a hat much much better! Vintage Skater Dress... standard wardrobe piece! And this gorgeous H&M Waistcoat I've had for soooo long but still LOVE! I love the embroidery and the tassels!

Sophie xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

It Will Rain...

Pin It Today I Am Going To Wear... My new hair extensions and my fave colour Aubergine!

So random decision last night I wanted long hair... bored of waiting for it to grow! So brought these hair extensions the color of my ombre ends and everyone just loves it at work so pleased! My dress once again from www.inlovewithfashion.com! Staple Leather jacket from Miss Selfridge but my favourite things about this outfit is my new Zara scarf!! It was £19.99 but i do not regret it as it goes with every outfit in my wardrobe yipeeee!

So new look with the locks now... Loving the slightly more boho, glam rebel look! Tonight Ill be wearing my new dress from the Jessica Wright collection its Leopard print and backless! Will Post pics tomorrow!

Sophie xxx

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