Wednesday, 23 July 2014

TIAGTW: BooHoo Bo-Ho Boutique

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Today I am rocking this boho look with thanks from BooHoo Boutique and Red Label. I adore this cute floral summer playsuit, its an easy breezy summer throw on that looks great teamed with boots or wedges and this floppy fedora. To really up the boho vibe I have teamed it with this beautiful kimono from BooHoo Boutique. The gorgeous floral motif and fringing details and super pretty and it makes it a great throw on.

Playsuit: Red Label

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

TIAGTW: Rips and Sunflowers

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Still all over the crop top and high waisted jean combo! Cant remember what it feels like to not wear anything on the hip! These awesome ripped jeans are from Missguided. I must saw for me Misguided is a massive denim favourite and even completes with Topshop! The fit is always amazing and these jeans are no exception. Teamed with this beaut of a crop top from New Look, love the sunflower print and the lace trim! And of course my lennon glasses!

Top: New Look
Jeans: Missguided
Kaftan: H&M

TIAGTW: MG Blue Florals

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Everyone loves a lush summer jumpsuit, and I simply adore the Missguided one! On a hot day like today its perfect, super light and wearable in this heat and the print is beaut! I have styled it up with my floppy hat and belt and teamed with these fab H&M cleated wedges, great for day to day wear. What I love mostly about this jumspuit as its great for day to day, but would look lush too with some super heels for a summer night out!

Jumpsuit: Missguided
Shoes: H&M
Belt: New Look

Friday, 18 July 2014

TIAGTW: Missguided Soul Sista's

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So me and my bestie took part in MG's soul sista's in our blue MG getup's. DKeens is my soul sista.
Dress: Missguided
What do you think makes a best friend?
Someone who knows everything about you including your faults and still accepts and loves you. This is DKeens all over! Being able to be completely upfront, honest and open. And giving it right back. Daisy Keens is my therapist. I am an emotional nightmare at the best of times and she will verify this for me. And she loves me (I hope) and accepts me worts and all. She is one of the most strong willed characters I know and she inspires me daily. She's taught me a thing or two about SAS and simply not giving a s**t. Although as long as she knows her place, she will know that I am Beyonce and she is Kelly ( mwahahaha!)
Do you share clothes with your best friend?
Occasionally we are both very giving people that would never turn down a friends fashion request. Although, I can't fit into half her clothes… (damn hurrrr!) 
How do you know when you have found your best friend?
When you can laugh with each other two you cry. Inside jokes. Lots of body parts seen. When you got to aerobics with their mom. When you grind on their work kitchen surface. Eating Frankfurters with Gay Cousins. But definitely not when your friend chooses open a court case against you and leaves you abandoned in Barkingside police station (inside joke. also very untrue) Therefore I will add talking a load of crap about make believe situations and finding them hysterical. 
Describe a typical day with your best friend.
Consuming red bull, frankfurters twirls. Arguing about who is better Jay Z or Kanye. Me moaning about my weight/life/fringe. Modern Family and proseco galore ( basically exactly what Daisy said)

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